Server on a Dusty Floor

This is my Raspberry Pi.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.  You can look here if you are interested in getting your own. 

I have a 16GB SDHC card in it, otherwise it is a stock model B.  If I find that 16GB doesn't cut it, I will move up to 64GB.  I am interested to learn what components will work with the I/O ports.  Anyone have suggestions?

My goals with this Pi are to configure:
1. Local DNS server.
2. Web proxy / cache server.
3. Ventrilo Server*
4. Encrypted document backup.

I will post the ways I try to get them right, how I got them wrong, and how I eventually fixed it.

Vegetable Garden: Day 8

The tomato plants are running quite a bit.  If you have experience growing tomatoes, is this normal?  I did not plant the seeds deeply into the soil.  Was that a mistake?  If you can advice some advice it would be appreciated.  Thank you!

Vegetable Garden: Day 7

Not much to show, just updating today to keep it consistent.  This weekend I am planning major work on the planter structure itself.  Please stay tuned!

Vegetable Garden: Day 6

Everything still looks good.  I think the day to day changes will be less dramatic.  It is fascinating seeing the plants grow towards the window, even after flipping the tray.

Next weekend I plan to assemble the garden structure.  I also plan to paint the buckets a light green, to appease my better half.  In a few weeks it will be time to transplant. 

Thanks again for checking back on the plants.

Vegetable Garden: Day 5

Yes, I missed the update yesterday.  There has been more growth, everything looks healthy.  I have an oscillating fan set on low that will blow on the plants intermittently.  It is supposed to help strengthen the stems of the plants.  I expect another month worth of growth indoors before transplanting. 

Thanks again for coming back.