Pizza Delivery Order: Papa John's

Delivery Time: 65 - 75 minutes on a Wednesday night.  Seriously?
I will update with pictures of the pizza and a taste review once it arrives.

Not as imposing as it looks.

The pizza was not bad but it was still disappointing, especially for the delivery time. I would rate it a C+ mostly because it was meh temperature which kills any chance for flavor.  The pizza here was thin crust with pepperoni.

Notice the butter stain. Mmmm!

The Cinnamon Cinnapie was the saving grace of the delivery.  As far as pizza delivery dessert goes these cinnamon pastries are among the best.  They are soft and chewy, and covered with cinnamon, sugar, and frosting.  I rate the Cinnamon Cinnapie a B+ for delivery pizza dessert.  Try one the next time you order from Papa John's.   

In the meantime, think about making pizza yourself next time.  Getting a good pizza stone is the most important part for the home pizza maker.  

Old Stone Oven 4467 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone
Rada Cutlery Stoneware Round Pizza Baking Stone, 15 Inch, Made in USA
Weber Style 6430 Pizza Stone
Lodge Pro Logic Cast-Iron 14-Inch Pizza Pan

You can use pre-made crusts such as those from Boboli or Tomanetti to start with.  Some local grocery chains such as PublixSafeway, and Whole Foods Market also carry raw pizza dough balls that work well.  If you are interested in going all-out, try Easy Pizza Crusts or for recipes to try at home.  You can find the required ingredients at the grocery stores listed above and others.  Your mileage may vary, but with time you can make an excellent pie from scratch.