Makin' Bacon

There is no denying that bacon is one tasty treat.  You can find a number of gourmet bacon vendors including, BaconFreak, and Nueske's.  You can also go with "regular" bacon from your local grocery store.  Regardless of which bacon brand you go with, you will need to cook it properly.  Here I will present an easy way of cooking bacon that I have learned from working in a number of restaurants.

  • Preheat the oven to 375°F.  E ach oven will vary, fine tune this setting to your oven.
See, I didn't lie.

  • You will need a metal baking sheet with raised ridges.  Cover the baking sheet with aluminum foil.  If you drain the grease after each batch of bacon, you can easily cook a few pounds (usually one package) quickly once the first batch is done.  Pour the grease into a clean metal (coffee) can or food-grade plastic container.  The grease is great with black beans, soups, and stews for example.   

Imagination(land) is key.

  • Layer the bacon evenly on the sheet as best you can.  This method is especially useful if you are cooking large amounts of bacon.  Which should always be the case.
My country's flag would be this.
  • Place the bacon on the middle rack in the oven.  On lower racks your cook times will generally decrease, so just watch carefully.  
That is a hot rack.
  •  Set timer for 14 minutes to start.  
14 minutes to watch Glenn Beck, yes!!
  •  Always turn on the light and look through the window!  You waste energy (and money) every time you open the door.  You will most likely need to add a few more minutes to reach your desired level of crispness. 
I pay 25 cents a peek.
  •  This took approximately 20 minutes, but I broke the cardinal rule and opened the oven in order to take pictures. 
Combine with ice cream in a blender (maybe).
  •  Use a fork or a pair of tongs to remove the bacon.  Hold and shake it gently above the baking sheet to remove excess fat.  Then place the bacon on a plate covered with a few paper towels.  Allow it to cool for 45 milliseconds and then consume.  
Rise, Baconthulu! I am here to serve you (with eggs).

I hope you enjoy your bacon.  Please let me know how well this works, and what delicious bacon creations you develop.  

Caution: You can have bacon basically "on tap" around the house now, watch your cholesterol!  

Amazon has a slightly more eco-friendly bacon creation tool: Bacon Genie.

Here are a few bacon cookbooks you may find useful:

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