My Tour de Cure 2011 Ride

This is my ride for the 2011 Tour de Cure. I want to express how well run the entire event was. The check-in was smooth and fast. Volunteers provided a well stocked breakfast with breads, bagels, fruits, yogurt, Clif bars, water, juice, coffee and Gatorade. Lunch consisted of BBQ pork & chicken, choice of bun or texas toast, coleslaw, great BBQ beans, salad, and the same beverage selection. A supply of granola bars and muffins was also readily available.

The ride itself was superb, except for riding the first nine miles with a back tire low on air pressure. The ride was well covered by off-duty police escorts as well as motorcycle mounted volunteers. It was a hot day, but each of the two rest stops along the way were loaded with orange quarters, banana halves, granola and Clif bars, as well as Gatorade and water. Thankfully, they had hand sanitizers, cleansing wipes, and paper towels on hand for cleaning yourself between fistfuls of Clif bars. Each rest area had a full pit crew to assist with any mechanical issues, both minor and major. I had my tire pressure checked and quickly fixed at the first stop, making the rest of the ride so much easier.

Pictures were taken by and you can find me under bib number 587.

I cannot wait for the event next year. I will most definitely have a road bike though as I plan on hitting the century mark in 2012 event. Please keep checking back for my training ride updates. I am also hunting for similar charity rides and events throughout the Southeast U.S. If you know of one, please post some information in the comments.

Also, I have until June 30, 2011 to collect donations. If you can support the cause I would greatly appreciate it. Remember, your donation is tax deductible in the U.S., outside of which I am not sure. Please visit my 2011 Tour de Cure site and make a donation. Thank you!

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