Monday Morning Investor - 06/13/2011

Investing in the stock market is a daunting task to some people. While I am not a financial expert, I have done well investing in the stock market. I would like to pass on some of that information to you. If you are looking for get rich quick tips, this is not the place.

The first thing you should remember about the stock market is is this: over a long enough time scale, the stock market always goes back up.

That said, researching an online stock trading account is a good idea. Some suggestions include:

Please note there are many other online stock trading accounts and you may have a better option through your bank or credit union. The key is to do some research on your own.

Once you have an account, one of the safest bets is to invest some money into the S&P 500 either directly through an index fund or through a mutual fund. Alternate index funds that are worth investigating include the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, Shanghai Composite, and The DAX.

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