Music Video Saturday - 06/11/2011

This Music Video Saturday features an all female theme. Today we have Mieka Pauley singing, "Run", Sinead O'Connor with, "Nothing Compares 2 U", and finally an old-school throwback with Ella Fitzgerald singing, "Round Midnight." Each woman has a distinct voice and all three songs showcase a different style. Hope you enjoy this weeks selections.

Pauley showcases a great voice on this folk-rock style song. She is another artist I found through a free Amazon MP3 sampler. You can read more about Mieka on her blog.

A classic song, and one of the best cover songs ever. For the original, look through the old Prince catalog or try this link Nothing Compares 2 U. Agree or disagree with her politics, this performance is also one of her best. It was one of those moments that resonated throughout most of the world.

It does not get much better or elegant than Ella. I first heard her voice for a Black History Month report in 6th grade and I have been a fan ever since. Read more about the First Lady of Song. Just listening to her voice should be enough to convince you of her greatness.

What do you think of the choices? If you enjoyed them, you can find the links below to the Amazon MP3 store. You can also try Walmart MP3 or Apple iTunes for alternative sources.

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