Music Video Saturday - 06/18/2011

First of all I want to say, "Happy Birthday, sis!"

This week I wanted to showcase a few classics that do not receive the radio airplay they really deserve. The first video is from Traffic with, "Dear Mr. Fantasy." Just a great old school rock-and-roll song: excellent vocals and some ferocious guitar playing. Enjoy!

Jim Croce rocks your world with, "Bad, Bad, LeRoy Brown." This is the type of song that makes you want to drive 20 MPH (32 KPH) over the speed limit or rob a bank. It is almost impossible to listen to this song and not end up in a better mood than you were minutes earlier.

Finally, we end with Red Rider and, "Lunatic Fringe." This is another rocker that should be turned up a few notches on the volume nob. Again, be careful of speeding when you listen to this in the car.

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