Public Torrent Tuesday - 06/07/2011

Torrents have become all the rage for file sharing which comes earlier technologies including Napster and the now defunct LimeWire. Today you can find Bittorrent trackers including MiniNova, IsoHunt, and (sort-of) The Pirate Bay.

Here I have linked to a public domain torrent that shouldn't get the Feds (or your local copyright enforcement agency) sent to kick in your door and confiscate your computer.

The movie for this week is "First Spaceship on Venus" which is a classic B sci-fi adventure. Humans send the first spaceship to Venus, for what reasons you'll need to watch it! I am currently seeding the iPod MP4 version. For additional download options, click here.

You can read the IMDB write-up for "First Spaceship on Venus" by following this link. If you do, you'll learn this movie is actually a remake of a German original.

If you *really* enjoyed this movie, you can find it on DVD here.

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