Public Torrent Tuesday - 06/14/2011

This week brings a strange film, but an interesting film. I present "A Boy and His Dog" based on this novella by Harlan Ellison. I have yet to read the novella so I cannot honestly say how true to the original the film version is. I plan to change that on summer break. Basic story: boy develops psychic link with his dog in a post-Apocalyptic world. Weirdness factor: During one scene, the boy and the dog argue about getting food for the dog and some action for the boy.

Here is the iPod MP4 format torrent link. As always, I will seed this torrent until next weeks update.

If you're not broke, try one one of these:
  1. A Boy & His Dog. This version has THE Don Johnson.
  2. A Boy & His Dog
  3. Vic and Blood: The Chronicles of a Boy and His Dog (this is the original).
  4. Not related, but awesome still is A Boy and His Blob

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