Someone Pass the Chips...

I found a Medical Cannabis Webcam that is located somewhere in Canada. Check it out: lights on 4PM-11AM Pacific Time. It was a link in someone's signature on a forum post. It started this whole post. I actually caught the lights turning on at 4PM. A little tear slowly slid down my cheek, tracing a trail of joy.

Prohibition simply does not work. Some states and countries have realized this and passed laws either decriminalizing possession or creating a medical marijuana system. My simple opinion is that marijuana should follow similar laws as those of alcohol in the U.S. My only major change would be lowering the age to 18.

Does everyone need to be smoking weed? No, of course not. Productive adults that purchase it from a licensed (meaning taxed) vendor or grow a personal stash should be allowed to do so. I do not see much social difference in saying, "I've had a rough day, I'd like to smoke a joint of marijuana that I grew, relax, and listen to some tunes," compared to someone saying, "I've had a rough day, I'd like to take my doctor-prescribed chemicals, and just not care." Am I wrong?

Regardless of your stance on the recreational or medical aspects marijuana, not growing industrial hemp here in the U.S. is completely idiotic.

The next few years will have a significant impact on our rapidly changing society. Get registered to vote first and foremost. Contact your Senators and Representatives and thoughtfully express your opinions on the matter. Even if you disagree with my views, get involved and express your opinions also. That's the point of our system!

Meanwhile, enjoy one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite stoner-comedies.

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