Bucket List Item: Watch Anderson Silva Fight Live

Last night I went to the local Buffalo Wild Wings to watch UFC 134. I am a huge Anderson Silva fan, and last night's fight just reinforced my appreciation. He toyed with and then destroyed Okami. I would not fight Silva unless I was armed with a gun.

I enjoy watching someone do that at which they excel. Silva is considered one of the best now, if not ever. I had seen him destroy folks before, but there was something different this fight.

Seeing him fight in person is something that is going on my bucket list. He will retire in the next five years most likely, so my window is closing soon. Tickets are crazy expensive to begin with and anything with Silva is even more so. Looks like it will be a ramen heavy diet for the next few years.

FOX Sports and the UFC recently signed a groundbreaking deal. FOX will broadcast four fights a year, the first of which is in November. Rumor has it that Silva will fight in the first FOX broadcast of UFC. Something tells me that event will be huge.

Regarding BW3's the food was respectable. I had some "Hot BBQ Boneless Wings" and while the sauce was hot and tasty, the price did not match the quality. The beer was great though. A 22oz. Yuengling and a 22oz. Blue Moon were only $8.25. For major bar chain prices, that is hard to beat. They have a varied selection of beers on tap and in bottles, so you can find something for everyone.

If you have a smartphone, check out this program from UFC. It will show you all the local bars broadcasting UFC events. I found it quite useful due to the first bar (a Miller's Ale House) was packed and had an hour wait. If you have never seen a UFC fight, find one of the local bars that broadcasts fights. For the price of a beer and a burger, you will almost always get a solid two hours of excellent fight action.