My Vices: Pancakes & Fast Internet

Photo Credit: ME via Flickr.

My dad always made pancakes as I was growing up. It was always one of my favorites. As an "adult" I am still the pancake addict. I can eat them by the dozens. Ricky Bobby even had his arm broken to show his love of pancakes. I will have an update showing how to make some kick-ass 'cakes at home in the near future.

A recent late night craving for the butter smothered taste of stacks of fluffy, syrup drowned pancakes took me to IHOP. Famous Amos is a popular local option, but I enjoy the variety available at IHOP. IHOP is running a promo right now, join their mailing list here. They're offering a free breakfast platter for sign up, and I've received my first coupon.

(Side note: as a freshman I worked one shift at a Denny's so I tend to avoid them, even though they are under newer managment since that time.)

While waiting for my food, I decided to give in to my smartphone addiction. Like many the world over, I am hooked. I have an Android-based smartphone and this IHOP had wi-fi available. It was a match made in heaven. One of my favorite programs is the mobile version of This first picture shows the results of one of the tests I ran at IHOP.

As you can see that speed is great for free wi-fi. Granted, I was most likely the only person accessing the network that early in the morning. I don't expect more than 15-20 people at the most over an hour stay will use access wi-fi. If you're looking for a place to play some late night Quake it's worth a shot. If you actually travel on business and need a place to work and eat give IHOP a shot. This tale takes a sad turn, however, when I returned home to do some comparisons.

As you can see, it's almost 4Mbp/s slower. I have Clearwire at home, usually they are much faster. My real average at home is around 3Mpb/s down and 0.5Mbp/s up. It's not spectacular, both the DSL and cable options available here are much faster. I am trying to do my part to boycott them for crap business practices. Do some research on the stranglehold the telcos and cable companies have on our communications options. Vote with your dollar (if they are worth anything after this whole debt debacle).

Stay tuned, my own pancake cooking update is coming soon. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know. Thanks for reading!