R.I.P. Bubba Smith.

Bubba Smith has passed away. As a huge fan of Police Academy growing up, Hightower was one of my favorite characters. He was a giant, and didn't take any shit from the asshole sergeant. But he had a soft and mushy inside. From what I have read, this is what he was like in real life. He is one of my favorite scenes from Police Academy, showing both how helpful he wanted to be and his somewhat over-the-top strength.

It wasn't until I was much older that I learned he had actually established himself playing football. First he played for the Spartans of Michigan State, and was then drafted by the Colts in '67. He went #1 overall and won a SuperBowl with the Colts. Not too shabby of a career. After I had learned the football background of Smith it made this following clip far more relevant to me.

Rest in Peace, Bubba Smith. You were a pretty cool guy just for Police Academy, but being a badass football player doesn't hurt either.