So long, Randy Moss...

While I can't exactly defend all of his craziness off the field, for the most part I think Randy Moss got a bad rep. Some of it was earned no doubt, but some people just need to get off his jock. He was easily one of the top 10-15 best receivers in the NFL, ever, end of story. Take a look at his record setting season in this clip.

I had both Tom Brady and Randy Moss on my Yahoo fantasy football team that year and still lost! 73 TDs between the two of them in a fantasy football season! WTF!? How does that happen!

Randy Moss should have originally went to Notre Dame but he attended my alma mater of FSU before his shenanigans got him sent to Marshall. Had he stayed, he would have lined up on the opposite side of my favorite college football player ever: Peter Warrick. The 'Noles would have been absolutely unstoppable, instead of just regular unstoppable, with both those guys on the field.

I hope you change your mind Randy and come back. Maybe the Eagles will pick you up on the cheap. Would a 1-year, minimum contract be worth another great shot at a ring? You are most likely going into the Hall of Fame regardless, but a ring would give you a shot at first ballot. Either way, best of luck in the future. True football fans realize what you brought to the field, and it will be missed.