Carlson Gracie, Jr. Jiu-Jitsu Seminar

This past Friday night I attended a jiu-jitsu seminar with Carlson Gracie, Jr. I currently train with Luiz Palhares and absolutely love it. I hate missing class, I learn something new every time.
I have lost some weight.
At this seminar Master Carlson Gracie, Jr. taught some pretty sick chokes from the back. We also learned a variation on the clock choke seen here. He also showed an interesting variation on the guillotine using your opposite-side gi collar to help tighten down the choke.

My favorite part of the seminar were sweeps from the sitting guard. I often find myself in the sitting guard and being able to get my opponents down to the ground is important. We learned a knee bar and a choke from these sweeps as well. I wish these moves had names, but everyone calls it something different.

Overall the seminar was great, and I want to thank both Carlson Gracie, Jr. and Luiz Palhares.