My First Miner

I finally managed to install a Bitcoin miner, hooray!  Currently I am running just a dual core CPU setup. I have a PCI Express x1 and a x16 slot available for an ATI Radeon card.  The trick is going to be finding one that is half height or low profile.

Bitcoin is a promising digital currency that is peer-to-peer based. It is still a young and growing technology. I think it has tremendous potential though. is an excellent place to start your journey into Bitcoin.  There have been articles in Wired and other prominent publications. A quick search will turn up what you want.

My next goal is to finish setting up an account on Mt.Gox, which is a currency exchange for Bitcoins. These digital bits of information are worth real money to some. Think Warcraft gold, but not as valuable. Yet. As more people and businesses use Bitcoins their value will increase naturally.

Give it a test.  It is interest as a proof of concept. If you are finance, cryptography, or computers in general you will find Bitcoin interesting.