My Favorite College Prank

A good burn goes a long way in my book.Pranks and practical jokes are one of life's great pleasures. This means fun, and light-hearted stuff, not stupid and ruthless hazing. My favorite prank that I pulled in college was assisted by one of my best friends.

At FSU, once we were legal to drink, our favorite hangout was Bullwinkle's on Tenneseee street. $1 for a Captain & Coke was impossible to beat. $20 will get you enough drinks to get hammered and leave a good tip for the bartender. Like many of you, getting drunk makes me hungry. Few things satisified that drunk hunger like a half dozen pepperoni rolls from Gumby's Pizza. Thankfully for us, it was just a short stumble across Tennesee Street.

Bracing ourselves against the counter in Gumby's, a gallon of Captain Morgan flowing through our veins, we ordered a metric ton of pepperoni rolls. As we waited, the two employees working that night stepped out back, probably to smoke some pot. Who can blame them? Through the drunken haze, we saw our opportunity to strike: switching the VGA cables on the two computers used for placing orders. Quickly, we unscrewed the d-sub connectors, switched the cables, and screwed them back in, unseen by the employees.

A few minutes later, they came back inside, and tried to use the computers. They were at a loss as to why the screens weren't working right. We did our best to suppress our drunken laughter, and almost lost it when the Gumby's employees called corporate for technical support. Finally, our food was ready, and we left quickly before the switcheroo was discovered. If time travel is discovered, I'd love to go back and find out how long it took to get those cables switched back.

As far as pranks go, this was pretty innocent, but at the time, it totally cracked me up. I felt victorious, like the champion of all pranks. What do you think? It was probably one of those, "You had to be there." kind of pranks. Look below to find some videos of other funny pranks.