Vegetable Garden: Day 5

Yes, I missed the update yesterday.  There has been more growth, everything looks healthy.  I have an oscillating fan set on low that will blow on the plants intermittently.  It is supposed to help strengthen the stems of the plants.  I expect another month worth of growth indoors before transplanting. 

Thanks again for coming back.

Vegetable Garden: Day 3

In this picture the tray has been flipped 180° to promote even sunlight on the plants.  That one tomato plant apparently has something to prove.  The basil and oregano sprouts are coming in nicely too.  I am excited for the next few weeks of growth to see how they fare. 

Thank you all for coming back again.

Vegetable garden day 2.

You can see a few small seedlings popping up already.  So far, so good.  Thanks for checking back on my plants.


Publix multi grain dough, sauce, mozzarella cheese, and turkey pepperoni.  It was a good as it looks, and no where near as greasy as chain pizza brands.

Vegetable Garden Starter: Day 1

Trying to start a hanging vegetable garden in the backyard.  Germinating two San Marzano tomato plants, two sweet pepper plants, and some assorted herbs.  I am using a Burpee natural fiber plant green house.  It cost around around $2. 

I will post one picture a day of the plants.